Editorial Guidelines

The Little Talks team is committed to developing journalism that meets the highest standards. As the fourth estate, it is our responsibility to give you unbiased, clear reporting that lets you make a decision for yourself, rather than us influence your thought process. Our company’s reputation, the respect accorded on the management, and the careers of our staff members depend on us upholding the highest of journalistic values.

Our guidelines are intended to help our team members navigate through what many perceive are not-so-smooth waters. In a democracy such as India, where the power of the press is only second to the power of the people, it is essential that our staffers adhere to the guidelines. We do understand that the media landscape is constantly changing, but the basics of journalism will always remain the same i.e. always ask questions. And when you do get the answer, you also remember to follow these five steps:

Be transparent
Be factually right
Follow the law
When in doubt, ask

When it comes to news gathering, we expect our journalists follow ethical practices to get their story. Writing stories for other publications without the company’s knowledge, trespassing, illegal eavesdropping or recording of calls, computer hacking, bribery, or stealing documents are not tolerated at the Little Talks, and journalists caught doing so will be blacklisted.

Things to remember as a Little Talks reporter

A Little Talks reporters must provide accurate, balanced, unbiased news. Errors must be corrected quickly and transparently.

A Little Talks reports must speak with an independent voice, and not be influenced by external factors.

A Little Talks reporters must protect the confidentiality of their reporters

A Little Talks reporter must constantly ask questions. They should challenge sources

A Little Talks reporter must not doctor images or alter subject matter. Text journalists must not manipulate of fabricate quotes

A Little Talks reporter will not plagiarize. Stories must not be sent to a source to be vetted.

A Little Talks reporter will show extra sensitivity while handling a story that involves a grieving family. Special care must be taken while taking pictures or doing stories that involve minors

A Little Talks reporter will not use their position as a journalist for financial gains.

Little Talks and user-generated content

In the digital age of journalism, user-generated content is what brings us a lot of traffic, as they way it is written can determine how it will be ranked by Google. However, as a part of Little Talk’s online team, it is your responsibility to check the authenticity of the source of the content, whether you can get a quote from the person who has shared the picture or the video on social media. This not only ensures the authenticity of your story, but also gives you the journalistic intuition to identify a true story from a fake one. Remember, while it is important to be the first to break the news, it is even more important to ensure that the news article is factually correct.